Software Sharing : Youtube downloader

Software Sharing : Youtube downloader
YTD Video Downloader

A very good software to let you download youtube from internet,
YTD Video Downloader is allow you download in quality format.

It easy and simple to use.

Youtube Downloader HD 

Another Youtube downloader software, 
It allow user convert their youtube format to format as AVI and MP4.

It also easy and simple to use.

Youtube Download : Youtube Downloader HD : YTD Video Downloader

Software Sharing: TeamViewer

Software Sharing: TeamViewer

TeamViewer is lets you remote control, remote access of another PC from your own computer,
Its very useful for desktop support or online meeting, in home or office.

After download and install, you will see as below

If you wan let other people to remote your computer,
you need provide that person your ID and password
As below example : your ID is 188396257, password 5942

If you want remote to other side computer,
you need other side computer teamviewer ID and password

As below example, other side computer teamviewer ID is 189147343 and put in password
(Take a note : Password is  change every time when you restart your computer, 
  so its is very safety and can avoid other people can remote your computer easily.
  but teamview also allow the Password set default  )

After Password authorise , your computer screen is showing in other side ,
and that other can fully access and control to your computer. 

After finish remote and access, your just need close your teamviever, and no people can access again.

Remark: Teamviewer is free for non-commercial use only

Free remote control: Free remote access: Teamviewer

Software Sharing : doPDF

Software Sharing : doPDF

PDF is document format to ease document exchange, and this doPDF software can let user to
convert any printable document (i.e excel, word, powerpoint..) to the PDF format.

It very useful and very simple to use, and the most important is doPDF is free for to anyone.

After doPDF download and install, open the document which is want to convert to PDF formet,
Go to File and click to Print

In the Printer list, choose to doPDF

Put in the filename and the location to saving,after input press OK

Just few minutes, PDF file will auto show out in screen. Easy and Simple

Ease document exchange:doPDF: Convert to PDF :Free software

Software Sharing : Belarc Advisor

Software Sharing : Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile or your installed software and hardware,
It very useful for before computer formatting.

After download and install and run it,
about 15 minutes analysing

Computer detail fully report will show out in web browser

All computer hardware detail

All software detail include the licence key. It really a good tools before format computer

Good tools before format computer : Belarc Amalysis :harware detail : software detail and license

摄影:Canon IXUS80 花系列1

Canon IXUS80 花系列1

买了一架 Canon Digital IXUS80 IS,
想要找东西来试试拍,结果也不知道什么好拍 =,=
算了,那就拍个花的系列吧,反正老子家什么不多,花最多 !!  ^0^



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